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DMI - www.mega3.tv - DynaStick - Linear Slider / Rotary Motor Control System - Final Development

DynaStick - Sale Item (Price TBC) : Launch date Jul-Aug 2018
Suitable for both linear (slider) or rotary (roll-ring etc) systems - Final development phase. Enables exact end stops which can be set & cleared any time, 9 overall speed settings, up to 30A drive current (depending on drive/motor choice).

If you require updates, or the latest protocol (for PC control etc) relating to this product please use "Contact Us" (subject: DynaStick Update)

Uses so far:

2018 FIFA World Cup Football BBC Russia (TV) - Used to control a ProSup Tango slider rail in the main BBC studio above Gary Lineker.

Life (Film) - This has been used for many weeks on "Life" controlling a roll ring, and slaved rolling monitor.


GRAPHICAL POSITION DISPLAY:  The LCD display grapically  shows motor position (if end stops are both set),  joystick demand,  and motor speed  for clear user feedback.

DISPLAY / LEDS:   Ring LEDs display approximate speed,  & direction of desired motion.  The LCD can also display  general parameters, and user settings.

SETTING END LIMITS: You can unplug the stick, & the drive will keep its limits - useful for changing batteries on the stick. The stick displays active end stops both on the LCD and with  LEDs.

ACCELERATION / BRAKING:  Both rates are separately adjustable on the stick.

SHOT-BOX POSITION MEMORY: There are 4 available "1-touch" motor position memories. The motor will drive to the selected position with  user-selectable ramp-up, ramp-down and speed settings.

DRIVE UNIT:  The motor drive unit is extremely compact, measuring approx  82 x 68 x 35mm (3.2" x 2.7 "x 1.4")

OPTIONS: Currently the "standard" kit has a 10m RS-485 control cable - Options include RF link, battery backup for the drive (to keep endstops, position etc for extended period), batteries for the control stick (for RF use) etc.

PLANNED ADDITIONS: Time-lapse with shutter trigger, Bluetooth connectivity

USER MANUAL LINK (Copy & Paste into browser) - Please note this will change without notice:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/vogi3fqbb4d3squ/Dynastick_UM_B8.pdf?dl=0

The video on the bottom right  demonstrates how simple it is to set end limits. The numbers on the display are encoder counts (2000 per motor rev) Video size <4MB - Higher quality:  Search Dynastick on YouTube Please note that this system is still under development, so images & specs may change.

Some of the software may be an optional add-on.

Preliminary Specs:

*May change without notice

Drive Voltage:    

12 to 40 VDC

Control Stick Voltage:

Ext Power: 9-40 VDC

Battery: Canon LP-E17 or Equivalent

Operating temp:  

Stick: -20 to +50°C   

Drive: +10 to +70°C

End Stop Accuracy:

+/-2 Encoder Counts

Motor Types:                             

Brushed DC + Encoder
Brushless DC (BLDC)  with Hall / Encoder

Motor Drive Current:

Std: 19A(DC) 15A(BLDC)  continuous

Mid: 23A(DC) 18A(BLDC) continuous

Max: 30A(DC) 25A(BLDC) continuous

Optional RF Unit:     

433MHz or 868MHz or 2.4GHz

RS-485 Unit:

For long wire link  (<1Km) - Now Standard

Miscellaneous Features:

Step / Direction Output from Stick (proposed)

Step / Direction Input to Drive (proposed)

Left hand video: Note change of arrows under "ES" as limits are set. 2nd top LED flashes when at limits.

Note: Right hand video is back in the test days!

Copyright DMI 2014-2018 - E&OE.
Dynastick - Limits & display March 2017<br />Notice ES<> change when limits are added<br />2nd top LED flashes when at limits
Simple limit setting - The numbers on the display are encoder counts (2000 per turn of the motor)
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