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DMI - www.mega3.tv - DynaStick - Linear Slider / Rotary Motor Control System - Final Development

DynaStick - Sale Item (Price TBC)
Suitable for both linear (slider) or rotary (roll-ring etc) systems - Final development phase. Enables exact end stops which can be set & cleared any time, 9 overall speed serttings, up to 30A drive current.

If you require updates on this product
please use "Contact Us" (subject: DynaStick Update)

DISPLAY / LEDS:   Ring LEDs display approximate speed,  & direction of desired motion.  The LCD can display demanded motion and output of drive unit, general parameters, and user settings.

SETTING END LIMITS: You can unplug the stick, & the drive will keep its limits - useful for changing batteries on the stick. The stick displays active end stops both on the LCD and with an LED.

ACCELERATION / BRAKING:  Both rates are separately adjustable on the stick.

SHOT-BOX POSITION MEMORY: There are 4 available "1-touch" motor position memories. The motor will drive to the selected position with  user-selectable ramp-up, ramp-down and speed settings.

DRIVE UNIT:  The motor drive unit is extremely compact, measuring approx  82 x 68 x 35mm (3.2" x 2.7 "x 1.4")

PLANNED ADDITIONS: Time-lapse with shutter trigger, Bluetooth connectivity

USER MANUAL LINK (Copy & Paste into browser) - Please note this will change without notice:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwjghlekgpb3jdx/Dynastick_UM_B2.pdf?dl=0

This has been used for many weeks on "Life" controlling a roll ring, and slaved rolling monitor.
The video on the bottom right  demonstrates how simple it is to set end limits. The numbers on the display are encoder counts (2000 per motor rev) Video size <4MB - Higher quality:  Search Dynastick on YouTube
Please note that this system is still under development, so images & specs may change.

Some of the software may be an optional add-on.

Preliminary Specs:

Drive Voltage:    

12 to 48 VDC

Control Stick Voltage:

Ext Power: 9-30 VDC

Battery: Canon LP-E17 or Equivalent

Operating temp:  

Stick: -20 to +50°C   

Drive: +10 to +70°C

End Stop Accuracy:

+/-2 Encoder Counts

Motor Types:                             

Brushed DC
Brushless DC (BLDC)  with Hall

Motor Drive Current:

Std: 19A(DC) 15A(BLDC)  continuous

Mid: 23A(DC) 18A(BLDC) continuous

Top: 30A(DC) 25A(BLDC) continuous

Optional RF Unit:     

433 or 868 MHz Plug-In (38.4 Kbaud)

Optional RS-485 Unit:

For long wire link  (<1Km)

Miscellaneous Features:

Step / Direction Output from Stick (proposed)

Step / Direction Input to Drive (proposed)

Left hand video: Note change of arrows under "ES" as limits are set. 2nd top LED flashes when at limits.

Note: Right hand video is back in the test days!

Copyright DMI 2014-2018 - E&OE.
Dynastick - Limits & display March 2017<br />Notice ES<> change when limits are added<br />2nd top LED flashes when at limits
Simple limit setting - The numbers on the display are encoder counts (2000 per turn of the motor)
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