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Stills Camera Control Systems (for Clear Angle Studios):

A one-box solution to control 13 EOS stills cameras providing 13 power supplies, 13 opto-isolated focus/shutter triggers, and a 13 way USB3 hub. It has turned 15 boxes and 54 cables into 1 box and 14 cables.
We have made approx 180 of these boxes, totalling control of over 2,300 cameras.

Sequence Control Processors (for Clear Angle Studios):

We have recently added mautomatic multiple exposure processors to allow various different types of "chase firing" with no added cables. Unique identities for different placement of cameras & flashes has been used. We can now dial a variety of sequences. A 5-sequence shoot is completed in approx 700mS (>169 photos involving 5Ds, 6D, 100D, 750D & 600D cameras - all used in each of the 5 shots). We believe a competitor manages this in around 7 seconds, so we manage this in 1/10th of the time.

It now allows any of a number of control sequences to be simply dialled in on a knob, and the entire set of cameras then follow the set sequence. It has now been updated to control Sony Alpha cameras in a geodesic dome (also designed by us) to complete 28 shots per camera  x 30 cameras (with specific flashes per sequence) in approx 3 seconds, returnng around 50GB of data. We have produced some 600 of these boxes.

Camera Octapod Design (for Clear Angle Studios) - We were comissioned with designing up an octapod to be light, strong, with a door at the back, and to carry around 70 cameras & 30 x 1.5Kw flash guns...It fitted together beautifully, first time. It utilises the same mult-shot control processors we design for their 170+ camera full-body system, in order to allow a switchable sequence firing the cameras at around 8fps, with synchronized flashes. They quote on their website: "Perhaps our proudest custom in-house build to date." For more information, please visit www.clearanglestudios.co.uk

Remote Head Control System
- complete head/desk control with 3 x RS482/232 isolated comms channels each end, and CAN control of motor drives, Canon/Fujinon lens control.
Main control PCB, and smaller header PCB with haptic vibration motor, USB, 3 x isolated RS485 auto-switching polarity comms channels. HEAD: head control PCB, PSU board under the rear, and drive unit for pan motor.

Helicopter Power Monitor -  provides readouts of system voltage, current use, and running time (middle left & right pictures). It  also displays the minimum voltage level reached, and the maximum current draw reached since switch-on (for further information, please contact Aerospace Design Facilities).

Helicopter Generator Failure Power Control - We have recently undertaken the redesign of a power switching unit (for Aerospace Design Facilities / AS Aero) which will switch off non-critical power systems in the event of a generator failure.

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