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Consultancy Design - Photogrammery Systems & Control Systems Design

Stills Camera Control Systems (for Clear Angle Studios):
A one-box solution to control 13 EOS stills cameras providing 13 power supplies, 13 opto-isolated focus/shutter triggers, and a 13 way USB3 hub. It has turned 15 boxes and 54 cables into 1 box and 14 cables.
We have made over 550 of these boxes - control for almost 7,000 cameras.

Sequence Control Processors (for Clear Angle Studios):
We designed automatic multiple exposure processors to allow various different types of "chase firing". Unique identities for different placement of cameras & flashes has been used. We can now dial-in a variety of sequences. A 5-sequence shoot is completed in approx 0.7s (>169 photos involving high resolution Canon SLR cameras - all used in each of the 5 shots). We believe a competitor manages this in around 7 seconds, so we manage this in 1/10th of the time.
A number of control sequences to be simply dialled in on a knob, and the entire set of cameras then follow the set sequence. It can also control Sony cameras in a geodesic dome (also designed by us) to complete 28 shots per camera  x 30 cameras (with specific flashes per sequence) in approx 3 seconds (approx 16fps stils), returnng around 50GB of data. We have produced >1500 of these boxes.


Watch videos of Clear Angle Studios systems in action (opens in new window):

Camera Octapod Design ("Dorothy" for Clear Angle Studios) - We were comissioned with designing up an octapod to be light, strong, with a door at the back, and to carry around 70 cameras & 30 x 1.5Kw flash guns...It fitted together beautifully, first time. It utilises the same mult-shot control processors we design for their 170+ camera full-body system, in order to allow a switchable sequence firing the cameras at an effective 16fps, with synchronized flashes. They quote on their website: "Perhaps our proudest custom in-house build to date."

Full body, & head capture frames & control systems: As well as "Dorothy", we also designed "Manfred" and "Jean Claude Van Scan" for them, amongst other systems. See their site for pictures of them in their full glory. For more information, please visit www.clearanglestudios.co.uk/services/
Remote Head Control System - complete head/desk control with 3 x RS482/232 isolated comms channels each end, and CAN control of motor drives, Canon/Fujinon lens control.
CONTROL DESK: Main control PCB, and smaller header PCB with haptic vibration motor, USB, 3 x isolated RS485 auto-switching polarity comms channels. HEAD: head control PCB, PSU board under the rear, and drive unit for pan motor.

Helicopter Power Monitor -  provides readouts of system voltage, current use, and running time (middle left & right pictures). It  also displays the minimum voltage level reached, and the maximum current draw reached since switch-on (for further information, please contact Aerospace Design Facilities).

Helicopter Generator Failure Power Control - We have recently undertaken the redesign of a power switching unit (for Aerospace Design Facilities / AS Aero) which will switch off non-critical power systems in the event of a generator failure.

The video on the left is Clear Angle Studio's "Dorothy" in action...

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