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DMI - www.mega3.tv - History

The original Megamount was conceived around 1992 at Shepperton Studios (which was our home for 29 years). In 1994 one Megamount was gyro-stabilised for use on Braveheart. Four of the original Megamounts made it into the world, for use both on cranes and helicopters.

At the end of 1995, the design of the Libra III began, with the aim of encompassing both concepts of the Megamount, and the Libra II (which was a stabilised-only head), together into one piece of equipment.

By late 1996 the Libra III was launched. In 1999 the Libra III was awarded the
SOC Technical achievement Award and in 2000, it won the AMPTAS Techincal Oscar.

In 1999 the design of the Mega III began afresh, incorporating all the learnings from the evolution of the Libra III. Over the years, the Mega III has built a strong reputation worldwide.

Since then, we have completed a multitude of design projects (not all listed here due to IP etc) stretching our technical know-how.

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