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Other Projects

We designed & built the control & drive system for the Batman "Tumbler" roof opening (top left, top right pictures). The entire control system was a single box containing the control system and 3 x servo drives in order to precisely control the positioning of each axis.

General Purpose Processors: We have produced some multi-purpose processor modules, with on board LCD drive, RS485/232 comms (2+ channels available), CAN, and multiple IO. They have been used in the following projects:

-  Remote Head Control System This is a quadraure encoder follow system (ie wheels) reading the exact wheel position and sending it up an RS-485 link to a remote drive control for the motors, replicating the movement. Available in 2 or 3 axis, with 1-button limit set/clear, variable speed, variable damping - Could also be used as a precise remote motion controller. Wheels viideo (ignore the enclosures please): https://youtu.be/FpEKIM9xekI?si=4rs4tbBmeJdvyjQc DynaStick/Elmo Whistle motion control video: https://youtu.be/pxEdC8c3aHc

-  Data conversion system This system was specially designed for the tracking systems used  for the London Olympics 2012. They convert Preston data packets (125Kbps, 9-bit) and send out "standard" data packets (115Kbps, 8-bit) to an ethernet link. At the other end, it takes in the "standard" packets, and re-assembles them into "Preston" packets for the Preston MDR-2, allowing control of the lens motors.

-  TV Camera Remote Lens Control System - For operating Fujinon or Canon digital lenses

-  Analogue to Quadrature Converter - Takes in 3 x analogue signals from a joystick etc and converts this to Quad pulses (encoder pulses) or step/direction at 16-bit resolution.

-  Camera Lifting Rig - Converts Preston FIZ position (125Kbps, 9-bit) and converts it to standard data (115Kbps, 8-bit) for input to an "off the shelf" motor controller.

-  Hydraulic Record / Replay System (Peter Pan movie) - Allows live or repeat moves for single-axis hydraulic drive or CAN controlled stepper. Moves can be saved to PC for later use.

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