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Precision Wheels Control - Plug'N'Play Motors

2 Axis Wheels / Joystick Control (RS-485 plug'n'play)

Currently in development, although fully working,  is our (currently) 2-axis control system. It has the following features:
  • RS-485 link, so motors can be hooked onto the communications wire anywhere
  • "Intelligent" 1 Button user limit setting, and clear
  • Position bar graph of either 360 degree OR point between limits
  • 1/100th degree readout
  • Auto motor detect
  • Adjustable acceleration/deceleration (smoothing)
  • Adjustable speed & direction
  • Position zero
  • Handwheel position reset
  • Motors shown are approx 160 degrees/sec @ 28VDC (> 40Nm)

Other proposed features include RF control

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