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Lifting Rigs

Camera Lifting Rig – Built for National  Treasure II
This system  was built to raise and lower camera systems of up to 150Kg over a range of 1.8m (6 feet) in as little as 3 seconds using the vehicle’s electrical supply. Control is by means  of a simple position knob and a speed knob.  The control system was entirely housed in the first aid compartment in the boot of the Toureg and is now in Peli-Case. (PC shown only required for changing  initial system set-up parameters.)

Mechanical Design: Aerospace Design Facilities
Motion Control / Software: DMI

We have also done the motion-control system for a smaller lifting rig primarily designed for small cars/quad bikes. The entire drive unit sits in a Peli 1450 case, and is controlled by Preston FIZ remotely.

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